Virginia Nonstock Corporations

This page lists the filings that you may need during the lifecycle of your Virginia Nonstock Corporation. We encourage you to file online to save time and prevent processing errors.

  I want to... Fee Filing Method
Before You Form Reserve or Renew a Business Name (SCC631) $10 File Online or Download Form
Transfer a Reserved Business Name $10 File Online
Start a New Business Form a new Virginia Nonstock Corporation (SCC819)
Note: See the Virginia Nonprofit Organization Toolkit for helpful information
$75 File Online, or Download Form
SCC819-DOC or SCC819-PDF; Download guidelines
SCC819NP-DOC to create your own articles.
Restart Your Business Reinstate your business (SCC916P) $10 + unpaid fees File Online or
Request a Packet
Maintain Your Registered Agent and Registered Office Update your Registered Office Address or Change your Registered Agent (SCC635/834) No Fee File Online or
Request a Form
Resign as Registered Agent (SCC636/835) No Fee File Online or Download Form
SCC636-DOC or SCC636-PDF
Update Your Business Update your Principal Office Address and the names, titles and addresses of your directors and principal officers (SCC1) No Fee File Online (select Annual Report) or
Request a Form 
Change your Business Name by Unanimous Consent of the Members or by the Directors without Member Action (SCC888N) $25 File Online or Download Form
Amend Articles of Incorporation to update specific information (SCC888) $25 File Online. Download guidelines SCC888-DOC to create your own articles. This is required for certain changes.
Restate Articles of Incorporation to replace the entire articles (SCC889) $25 File & Attach Online. Download guidelines.SCC889-DOC to create your own articles.
Correct articles to fix information that was mistakenly provided (SCC607/807)
Note: Must be filed within 30 days
$25 File & Attach Online. Download guidelines SCC607/807-DOC to create your own articles.
Convert, Domesticate, or Merge Your Business Convert your Virginia Nonstock Corporation to a different business type Varies by business type File & Attach Online. No guidelines available; you must create your own articles.
Domesticate your Virginia Nonstock Corporation to a different jurisdiction (SCC898.5-FN) $25 File & Attach Online. Download guidelines SCC898.5FN-DOC to create your own articles.
Merge your corporation with another eligible business (SCC896) $25 File & Attach Online. Download guidelines
SCC896-DOC to create your own articles.
Close Your Business Dissolve your corporation while the business winds up its affairs (SCC904) $10 File Online or Download Form
SCC904-DOC or SCC-904PDF
Remove the decision to dissolve your corporation (SCC905) $10 File Online or Download Form
SCC905-DOC or SCC905-PDF
Terminate your corporation after it has ceased to conduct business (SCC912) $10 File Online or Download Form
SCC912-DOC or SCC912-PDF
Terminate your corporation before it has started doing business (SCC913) $10 File Online or Download Form
SCC913-DOC or SCC913-PDF