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The Clerk’s Information System (CIS) is an online tool that allows the public to search for key business information and helps businesses to more quickly and easily make payments and submit most filings required under Virginia law. Users can manage their business information in one place from their online dashboard, including annual reports, online payments, certificates, and other correspondence, so nothing ever gets lost. Additionally, the system has controls in place to prevent common filing errors and allows for real-time approvals, so you don’t have to wait to find out if your document was accepted.

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CIS Account Creation and Management

My past login information is not working for the CIS. What is happening?

All customers, regardless of existing accounts with SCC and SCCeFile, must register for a new CIS account to log into CIS and access your business records. For step by step instructions, see our How-to guide on creating an account here.

I have an SCCeFile account. Do I need to establish another account?

Yes, even if you have a SCCeFile account, you will need to set up a CIS account to access your business records in the new system. SCCeFile accounts were not transferred to the new CIS and are no longer available. For step by step instructions, see our How-to guide on creating an account here.

How do I sign up for a CIS account in the new system?

You can create a CIS account online by entering your name, address, phone number, and email. You will need to create a username and secure password. A third-party identity management database will verify your information. If it matches, your account will be created, and you can begin using the new system immediately. For step by step instructions, see our How-to guide on creating an account here.

I am getting the error message “Experian was not able to verify the name and home address combination." What do I need to do?

CIS includes an identity verification step that validates your identity by cross referencing it to your home address, not your business address. It is important that you enter your home address in this step, without any alterations or additions. If you recently moved, Experian may not have your new address information, and you may try entering your old address. If you still get the same message, you will need to contact us.

I created a new CIS account but forgot my password. How do I reset it?

You can reset your password by choosing the “Forgot your password?” option from the CIS log-in page. You will receive an email with the new password. It may take a few minutes to receive it.

I am logged in to CIS but my dashboard is empty. Where is my business information?

Business information will populate on your dashboard once you complete a business transaction on the “Online Services” tab. These transactions require a PIN. After completing a business entity transaction with your PIN that begins with the letters “BE”, you will see your business in the “Business Entities” dropdown as well as any relevant “Alerts”. After completing a registered agent transaction with your PIN that begins with the letters “RA”, the “Serving as Registered Agent” dropdown will populate. Note: CIS was launched in December 2019 and will only show business activities completed after that date.

How do I update my online account information?

You can update your online account information by following the steps below:

  • navigate to
  • enter your username and password and click “sign in”
  • across the top you will see various tabs, click on “profile”
  • make the changes needed
  • click “submit”

Why did I receive a PIN? Or multiple PINs?

Each business and registered agent is issued a PIN to verify their authority to file and change records online. SCC records show that you are a business owner, a registered agent, or both. 

PINs have temporarily been suspended to facilitate electronic filing during the national health emergency. Please retain this information for your records.

Payments in the CIS

How will a payment transaction appear on a credit card or bank account statement?

The payment will appear as a transaction labelled "VA SCC Clerk’s Office." This transaction reflects payments collected on behalf of the Clerk’s Office.

What happens to the credit card or bank account information provided when completing an online payment in CIS?

The Commission has contracted with a third party, LexisNexis, to provide a secure method for accepting and processing online payments in CIS on behalf of the Clerk’s Office. The Commission does not obtain or maintain customers’ credit card or other financial information.


Can I still submit filings on paper?

Yes, you can, but we hope you’ll consider filing online for real-time convenience and faster processing.

Which forms am I able to print online?

Almost all filings and fee payments can be done in CIS. If you need to print a form, all forms and associated fees are available by selecting the appropriate business entity from the Forms and Fees page.

What happens to my information if I decide not to complete a transaction and close my browser?

Incomplete transaction information is saved and will be available to you from the CIS dashboard for 90 days, after which time, it will be deleted.

Where are my previous transactions?

The CIS online dashboard will only show transactions that were completed online after December 9, 2019. Transactions completed via paper will not be displayed on the dashboard.

Supported Browsers

The Clerk's Information System (CIS) is compatible with the following browser versions:

  • Microsoft Edge - 44.1 and above
  • Chrome - 80.0 and above
  • Safari - 13.1 and above
  • Internet Explorer – 11.7 and above
  • Firefox – 74.0 and above