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The State Corporation Commission’s regular business hours are from 8:15 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Certain state and federal holidays are observed. Check our scheduled closings for more information. Postal addresses for specific divisions can be found under Commission Addresses.

Clerk of the Commission (Business Information & Filing Office)

The Office of the Clerk is the central filing office for businesses in Virginia, including corporations, general and limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and business trusts, as well as for UCC financing statements. The clerk’s office is also the official custodian of the judicial and administrative records of the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

  • Contact Center
  • Court Services
    • Case Information: 804-371-9838
    • Court Reporters/Transcripts/Case Calendar: 804-371-9739 or 804-371-9946

Financial Institutions (Bureau of)

Administration and Licensing, Depository Supervision, Non-Depository Supervision and general information for state-chartered financial institutions.

Health Benefit Exchange

Virginia has transitioned from a Federally-facilitated Exchange to a State-based Exchange on the Federal Platform for Plan Years 2021, 2022, and 2023. The Virginia Health Benefit Exchange will ultimately transition to a full State-based Exchange by Plan Year 2024.

Insurance (Bureau of)

Agent Regulation, Financial Regulation, Life & Health, Policy & Compliance, and Property & Casualty information.

Public Utility Regulation

Electric, Gas, Water and Sewer, Telecommunications companies under the SCC's jurisdiction.

Securities & Retail Franchising

Regulation of securities, broker-dealers, broker-dealer agents, investment advisers and their representatives; registration of franchises and trademarks in Virginia

General Information

For general information - please call 804-371-9967 or 1-800-552-7945, or email us at

Administrative Divisions

  • Chief Administrative Officer: 804-371-9530
  • Human Resources: 804-371-9000
  • Commission Comptroller/Administrative Services: 804-371-9012
  • Information Resources: 804-371-9141
  • Information Security: 804-371-1559
  • Information Technology: 804-371-9518
  • Internal Audit: 804-371-9362

Legal Divisions

  • General Counsel's Office: 804-371-9671
  • Hearing Examiners Office: 804-371-9876

Media Relations