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The Virginia Health Benefit Exchange is excited to be transitioning its Exchange from to its own state-based Exchange platform – Virginia’s Insurance Marketplace! Virginia’s Insurance Marketplace platform soft launch is scheduled for approximately October 10, at Regarding agent platform accounts, for those that the Exchange received complete and accurate contact information, accounts will be created and an email invite sent around October 10. All others will be able to create their own accounts when the platform is launched. Instructions and training videos will be made available at that time. HBE staff will also be available by email at to assist with any questions or account issues, and we will have a dedicated agent/assister line in our call center.

We would love to connect with you on our new social media accounts! Visit us at and!

As Virginia works toward establishing its state-based marketplace, agents are participating in a variety of forums and activities in preparation for the upcoming transition. The Exchange is hosting Town Hall meetings and providing FAQs to assist the agents and other stakeholders with transition activities. Use the links below for FAQs and town hall presentation slide decks.

If you are not signed up for our weekly updates and Town Hall invites, please send a request to

Agent FAQs

The Agent FAQs file provides a cumulative record of questions and answers. The file is updated frequently, but will always include all existing content so everyone has access to all the information.

Virginia's Insurance Marketplace (VIM) Learning Management System FAQs

How to Enroll Members of a Household in Different Plans


Town Hall Meetings

Training and Certification for Agents with the Virginia Exchange

Licensed agents help Virginians access quality health coverage. Agent training and certification for Plan Year 2024 is now available. Select the link below to begin your certification process.


  1. Apply for (or maintain) a license through the Virginia Bureau of Insurance.
    Agents must maintain an active license in Virginia with a health qualification and be in good standing in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 18 of Title 38.2 of the Virginia Code.
  2. Complete agent training through Virginia's Insurance Marketplace (VIM) Learning Management System (LMS).
    • Federally-facilitated Exchange (FFE) certified agents (at the time of account migration) who completed Plan Year 2023 registration and training will be eligible to complete a shorter training program for Plan Year 2024. (You would have received an auto-generated email from providing your login ID. Visit Virginia's Insurance Marketplace Learning Management System to begin.)
    • Agents new to the Exchange or who are not currently FFE-certified at the time of account migration will be required to take the full VIM training program for Plan Year 2024. Send an email request for a new LMS account including name, unique email, unique cell number, and National Producer Number (NPN) to
      • To receive certification of training completion, agents must receive a passing score of 80 on module tests. Complete training and pass the tests by October 10, 2023 for November 1 Exchange Certification.
      • Agents will complete a Virginia Health Benefit Exchange – Agent Agreement upon training completion and attach the signed agreement on the agent’s VIM LMS Account. Certification is effective only for the existing plan year and will remain active through October 31, 2024.
        To execute the Virginia Health Benefit Exchange Agent Agreement, download, execute, and attach the signed agreement on your LMS account profile as follows:
        1. Locate your LMS account at the top right of LMS main screen (your initials within a circle) and select "Account."
        2. Select "Profile;" then, next to "Attachments," select "Edit."
        3. Upload your executed VAHBE Agent Agreement 2023-24 saved in the format "NPN_FirstInitial_LastName_VAHBEAgentAgreement_2023-24.pdf."
          Example file format: 01234567_T_Smith_VAHBEAgentAgreement_2023-24.pdf

The document below provides the general standards and requirements agents must meet to utilize Virginia's Health Benefit Exchange, d/b/a Virginia’s Insurance Marketplace to perform enrollment and application functions, including the privacy and security standards and implementation specifications.

The Exchange/Marketplace and Registrant each acknowledge and agree that they enter into this Agreement voluntarily and for the purposes of ensuring the confidentiality, privacy and security of data accessed by Registrant under this Agreement and ensuring compliance with Federal and State law.

Virginia Health Benefit Exchange – Agent Agreement