Health Benefit Exchange

Exchange Overview

Beginning November 1, 2023 - for the 2024 Plan Year -  Virginia’s Insurance Marketplace will replace in Virginia to connect eligible Virginians who are not insured by their employer, do not have affordable coverage, Medicaid, or Medicare, with affordable health insurance options.

The Virginia Health Benefit Exchange, a division of the SCC, operates Virginia’s Insurance Marketplace with the goal to improve health coverage accessibility and affordability for Virginians. 

Virginians in need of health insurance for (current) Plan Year 2023, should continue to enroll in coverage and view financial assistance available using Health insurance coverage for small business is also available. Follow the links to see plans offering health and dental coverage for 2023.

Virginia’s Insurance Marketplace is where consumers can shop for, compare, and purchase quality and affordable health insurance plans. For Plan Year 2024 and beyond, it is the only place Virginians can access financial help, such as premium tax credits and cost sharing reductions, for Qualified Health Plans (QHPs). For Plan Year 2024 and after, please visit Virginia’s Insurance Marketplace when the open enrollment period starts to select a health plan that works best for you and your household.