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Code Reference Description
6.2-301 Legal rate of interest; when legal rate implied
8.01-27.5 Duty of in-network providers to submit claims to health insurers; liability of covered patients for unbilled health care services
8.01-38.1 Limitation on the recovery of punitive damages
8.01-66 Recovery of damages for loss of use of vehicle
8.01-581.15 Limitation on recovery in certain medical malpractice actions
13.1 Chapter 9 Virginia Stock Corporation Act
13.1 Chapter 10 Virginia Nonstock Corporation Act
20-111.1 Revocation of death benefits by divorce or annulment
32.1 Chapter 5 Article 1.1 Certificate of Quality Assurance of MCHIP Licenses
46.2-472 Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Statute
46.2-475 Policy must comply with law
55.1  Chapter 9 Real Estate Settlements
55.1 Chapter 10 Real Estate Settlement Agents
58.1 Chapter 25 License Tax on Certain Insurance Companies
59.1 Chapter 34 The Extended Service Contract Act 
65.2 Chapter 8 Workers' Compensation: Insurance and Self-Insurance
65.2-801 Workers' Compensation Act: Insurance or proof of financial ability to pay required
65.2-811 Workers' Compensation Act: Liability of insurer
65.2-813.1 Workers' Compensation Act: Insurers offering policies with deductibles
65.2-813.2 Workers' Compensation Act: Premium discounts; drug-free workplace programs
65.2-820 Workers' Compensation Act: Application to SCC for assignment of risk; insurer assigned risk to issue policy
65.2-823 Workers' Compensation Act: Information filed with SCC by insurance carrier to be confidential; exception