File a Complaint

What we do:

You may feel like you were a victim of a scam or that someone may be violating the Virginia Securities Act or the Virginia Retail Franchising Act. We want to hear from you. We will review the issues you raise to determine if it is within our authority to conduct an investigation, and if there are any violations of the Virginia Securities Act or the Virginia Retail Franchising Act. There is no charge to you for submitting a complaint.

You may submit a complaint involving securities-related financial services or retail franchising using our Online Complaint Form

If you do not want to file your complaint online or if you need to provide documents as part of your complaint, you may fill in and print out the Complaint Form (PDF), or you may write us a letter and send it to: Division of Securities & Retail Franchising, P.O. Box 1197, Richmond, Virginia 23218.

You may Email any questions or contact us at 804-371-9051 for information.

How you can help us:

Provide as much detail as you can in responding to the questions on the complaint form. If you are writing a letter, be sure you tell us WHAT happened, WHO was involved, and WHEN and WHERE the event took place. If you have documentation that will clarify your concerns, please mail your complaint with copies of your documentation.

How we can help you:

We will review and acknowledge your complaint within 10 business days. If we are not the proper regulator, we will direct you to the proper authority. Your complaint information will remain confidential as a matter of law. SCC Privacy Policy.

We are here to enforce the provisions of the Virginia Securities Act and the Virginia Retail Franchising Act. However, we cannot provide legal advice or act as your attorney. If you require legal advice, you may wish to contact the Virginia Lawyer Referral Service, a for-fee service of the Virginia State Bar.