Periodic Reporting

Annual Filings

  • Banks, Savings Institutions, and Trust Companies
  • Consumer Finance Companies
    • Form CCB4401 - Annual Report of Consumer Finance Companies
  • Credit Counseling Agencies
    • Form CCB7706 - Annual Report of Credit Counseling Agencies
  • Industrial Loan Associations
    • Form CCB6602 - Annual Report Form of Industrial Loan Associations
  • Money Transmitters
    • Form CCB5507 - Annual Report of Money Order Sellers and Money Transmitters
  • Mortgage Companies
    • Annual Report of Mortgage Lender and Brokers
      The Commissioner has prescribed NMLS Mortgage Call Reports (MCRs) to be the form of the written reports required by § 6.2-1610 of the Code of Virginia. In order to be deemed in compliance with § 6.2-1610, Virginia-licensed mortgage lenders and brokers must file MCRs in NMLS for each quarter in which they were licensed in Virginia. Licensees must also upload a year-end financial statement in NMLS by March 31 annually.
  • Motor Vehicle Title Lenders
    • Form CCB5529 - Annual Report of Motor Vehicle Title Lenders
  • Payday Lenders
  • Semi-Annual Filings
    • Credit Counseling Agencies
      • Form CCB7705 - Semi-Annual Transaction Report of Credit Counseling Agencies