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Virginia will provide renewal licenses upon request. Email to request a copy. 
Forms for Independent Review Organizations:

  • Independent Review Organization Application – Form 216-E
  • Independent Review Organization External Review Annual Report – Form 216-G
  • Form for Health Carriers:
    • Health Carrier External Review Annual Report – Form 216-F
  • Form for Self-insured ERISA Plans:
    • Self-insured Plan Opt-in for External Review – Form 216-H
Service of Process (SOP 19.1)
  • Virginia is one of several states that does not accept the Uniform Consent to Service of Process form (UCAA Form 12). The Clerk of the Virginia State Corporation Commission is often the statutory agent for Service of Process; a guide form (SOP 19.1) for obtaining service on the Clerk is available via the Clerk's Office website, or by calling the Clerk's Office, 804-371-9733, or toll free at 1-866-722-2551.