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Investor Education Videos / Public Service Announcements

MoneyTrack is a new, thirteen-part educational television series created for public television. MoneyTrack co-anchors Pam Krueger and Jack Gallagher open each episode by giving the general backdrop of the show’s theme and an introduction to the lead package, which features real people dealing with real financial and investment issues.

The topics covered will include: how mutual funds work and how they charge fees, how to identify and avoid common investment scams (especially for seniors), investing versus gambling, resources for economically disadvantaged families, understanding investment research, how to decide whether you need a financial advisor and how to choose an advisor, corporate behavior and explanation of how investors are protected, teaching your kids how to become money-savvy, managing your credit, planning for retirement, financing long-term care, college funding, long-term care explained, understanding home or property financing opportunities and many others. To find out when MoneyTrack is airing in your market, visit the website at: Link logo