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Division of Securities & Retail Franchising


The Division of Securities and Retail Franchising’s Guide to Investing

Securities Consumer's Guide

The following investor education booklets are available free of charge from the Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, the Investor Protection Trust, American Library Association and the Virginia Division of Securities and Retail Franchising.

  1. The Basics for Investing in Stocks
  2. A Primer for Investing in Bonds
  3. Mutual Funds: Maybe All You’ll Ever Need
  4. Getting Help with Your Investments

    Additional Investor Education Resources by Category:

  5. Protecting Seniors
  6. Military Outreach
  7. Resources for Youth / Teachers
  8. Schemes and Scams
  9. Getting Started
  10. Financial Professionals
  11. Stocks
  12. Bonds
  13. Mutual Funds
  14. Retirement Investing
  15. College Savings
  16. Online Investing
  17. Small Business/Franchises
  18. Investor Education Videos and Public Service Announcements