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Renewable Energy Pilot Program

Acts of Assembly - Chapter 382External Link logo
An Act to direct the establishment of a pilot program for third party power purchase agreements

Summary of legislation:
Directs the State Corporation Commission (SCC) to conduct a pilot program in a certain utility's service territory. Under the pilot program, a person that owns or operates a solar-powered or wind-powered electricity generation facility with a capacity between 50 kilowatts and one megawatt that is located on premises owned or leased by an eligible customer-generator will be allowed to sell the electricity generated from such facility exclusively to the eligible customer-generator under a power purchase agreement. The power purchase agreement will provide for third party financing of the costs of the renewable generation facility. The pilot program limitation of 50 MW includes participation among jurisdictional and non-jurisdictional customers. The minimum size requirement does not apply to certain nonprofit entities. The SCC shall establish guidelines concerning aspects of the pilot program by December 1, 2013.