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How to Read Your Natural Gas Meter

Your gas meter is a device that measures the amount of gas in cubic feet you use in a given time period. It tracks how much gas flows through it by counting the filling and emptying of the compartments inside the meter. To read your meter:

  • Stand directly in front of the meter (this will give you the best view of where the dials are pointing).
  • The dials rotate in different directions. Read and record the number from each dial starting from the left and moving right.
  • When the hand is between two numbers or has just passed a number, record the smaller number (e.g. hand is between the 7 and 8 or has just passed the 7, record the number 7).
  • When the hand appears to be directly on a number, before recording that number, be sure to check the dial to the right. If the hand has not passed zero, record the smaller number instead (e.g. the third dial is on the number 5; however the dial to the right has not reached 0, so the dial would be read as 4).
  • Your consumption can be determined by subtracting your previous reading from your present reading. This will give you the volume of gas used in hundreds of cubic feet.

illustration of meter