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Division of Energy Regulation

Evaluation Methods

Case PUE-2016-00022 – Ex Parte: In the matter of receiving input for evaluating the establishment of protocols, a methodology, and a formula to measure the impact of energy efficiency measures

Electricity Conservation

Report: Evaluation of the 2009 Conservation, Efficiency and Renewable Resource Self-Assessment Report of the Virginia Electric Cooperatives (December 2009)

Report: Study to Determine Achievable and Cost-effective Demand-side Management Portfolios Administered by Generating Electric Utilities in the Commonwealth (November 2009)

The 2007 General Assembly passed legislation calling for a 10 percent reduction in electric energy consumption by 2022. As part of this mandate, the State Corporation Commission was directed to establish a work group to assist in the development of a report to the legislature regarding this task. Comments associated with Senate Bill 1416External Link logo will appear here.

Commission Case Number PUE-2007-00049 - Access Docket Search

Historical Cases:

Case PUE-1990-00070 - Ex Parte In Re: Investigation of Conservation and Load Management Programs

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