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Division of Communications

Virginia Local Telephone Companies Telecommunications "Bill of Rights"

You have a right* to:

  • Affordable and quality local telecommunications services
  • Seamless levels of service when migrating between local telecommunications service providers
  • Select and keep the telecommunications service provider of your choice
  • Keep your telephone number when changing local telecommunications service providers while at the same location
  • Maintain local telephone service when there is a valid billing dispute under investigation or when payments are current for basic local telecommunications services
  • Identity protection to preclude the unauthorized use of records and personal information
  • Safety and security of persons and property not to be intentionally jeopardized by telecommunications service providers
  • Honest and accurate sales and service information
  • Timely, accurate, and understandable billing
  • Participate in the formation of Virginia telecommunications policies
  • Dispute resolution up to and including a full hearing before the Virginia State Corporation Commission

*This "Bill of Rights" is a summary overview of your rights under various state and federal laws and regulations and does not independently create or vest enforceable substantive rights. Enforcement of your rights will depend upon the application of specific legal authorities to the circumstances of your particular dispute with the telephone company. If you believe that your legal rights have been violated and you cannot adequately resolve your dispute with your phone company, you may contact the SCC at 1-800-552-7945 or, if in the Richmond local calling area, 804-371-9420.