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Office of Hearing Examiners

The Office of Hearing Examiners, when directed by the Commissioners, conducts hearings on behalf of the Commission. Following a hearing, the examiner prepares a written final report and recommended decision for consideration by the Commissioners. The final report is advisory only; the Commissioners make the final decisions.

The Commission may, by order, assign any matter pending before it to a hearing examiner. The examiner conducts all further proceedings on behalf of the Commission. Proceedings are conducted in accordance with the Commission's Rules of Practice and Procedure. At the conclusion of a case so assigned, the examiner issues a final report and recommendation for disposition of the case. The parties to the proceeding are given an opportunity to file written comments or exceptions to the examiner's final report. After consideration of the record, final report, and comments, the Commissioners issue final orders in all cases and may accept, modify, or reject the examiner's recommendations.

Recent orders and Hearing Examiner reports can be found on the Commission website under Case Information.