Virginia: Bureau of Insurance
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Bureau of Insurance                    

Company Update:

Provide your Company Login Code Below

The Assessment Contact Information must be provided to ensure information relative to your companyís assessment filings is sent to the person within your company responsible for answering questions regarding the data on the assessment forms.The Contact Information can only be updated on-line and should be updated whenever any of the information changes.The Bureauís records will be automatically updated upon submission.You will receive an e-mail confirming the change, displaying both the old and new information.

All fields on the update screen are required except prefix, suffix and title.The update screen currently displays two address lines. We are changing our computer system and now require THE COMPANY ADDRESS TO BE LIMITED TO ONE (1) LINE OF NO MORE THAN 40 CHARACTERS.

Failure to keep this information current could result in the misdirection of critical information, which may cause penalties and/or interest to be assessed.Penalties and interest resulting from an incorrect address will not be waived.

If you need a Login Code reminder click here for assistance.