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Annual Report Statistical Information (1995-2000)

The table below contains links to statistical information regarding the activities of the non-administrative divisions of the SCC.

Annual Report Statistics
Division 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995
Bureau of Insurance 00BOI 99BOI 98BOI 97BOI 96BOI 95BOI
Bureau of Financial Institutions 00BFI 99BFI 98BFI 97BFI 96BFI 95BFI
Division of Securities & Retail Franchising 00SRF 99SRF 98SRF 97SRF 96SRF 95SRF
Office of the Clerk 00CLK 99CLK 98CLK 97CLK 96CLK 95CLK
Division of Communications 00PUC 99PUC 98PUC 97PUC 96PUC 95PUC
Division of Energy Regulation 00PUE 99PUE 98PUE 97PUE 96PUE 95PUE
Division of Economics & Finance 00EAF 99EAF 98EAF 97EAF 96EAF 95EAF
Division of Public Service Taxation 00PST 99PST 98PST 97PST 96PST 95PST
Division of Public Utility Accounting 00PUA 99PUA 98PUA 97PUA 96PUA 95PUA