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Request for Reinstatement Packet

IMPORTANT: A business entity that has been terminated, revoked or canceled for a period of more than 5 years cannot be reinstated, reentered or restored. (For information regarding the formation of a new business entity, visit our Entity Formation web page.)

The Reinstatement (or Reentry or Restoration) Requirements Packet will be sent to the Requestor by First Class mail.

Select entity type*:  

The entity's SCC ID number and status may be obtained or verified by accessing the business entity search feature in SCC eFile. Note: If the entity’s status is "PURGED," the entity has been terminated, revoked or canceled for more than 5 years and is not eligible for reinstatement. (The link to SCC eFile will launch a new window. To return to this form, simply close the SCC eFile window.)

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