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For Producers

The Agents Licensing Section handles all licensing processes for individuals and business entities. This section screens applications, issues producer and public adjuster licenses, tracks appointments, registers navigators, monitors regulatory requirements for licensing, and responds to informational requests concerning insurance producers. There are approximately 208,000 individual insurance agents, 14,000 insurance agencies, and 1,500 insurance companies conducting business in Virginia.

Visit the Online Services page to access all electronic processes.

Applicants using Sircon's Compliance Express should upload all attachments and submit them with the electronic application. The Virginia criminal history record report (CHRR) with all related documents should be attached to the electronic application when submitted. This is the most efficient and secure way for the Bureau to receive and process license applications and eliminates the need to fax/email documents. The Bureau encourages applicants to first obtain their CHRR and related documents before submitting the electronic application and attach the documents to the electronic license application.

The Bureau processes applications for licensure in date received order. Allow 15 business days for processing before contacting the Bureau regarding the status of your application. For applications submitted through Sircon's Compliance Express, the license printing service is free for up to 30 days after the application has been approved. For applications submitted through NIPR, a Sircon service fee will be applied to print the license. The Bureau does not print or mail licenses.

Federal Training Requirements

  • Flood Insurance
  • Long Term Care (LTC) Certification
  • Long Term Care Partnership
    • Virginia Regulation 14VAC5-200-205External Link logo - State Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program
      Nonresident agents who comply with their home state requirement need only take a two-hour Virginia specific course to meet the requirement in Virginia.

Approved Courses Inquiry