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Bureau of Insurance

Administration of Insurance Regulation in Virginia

Administrative Letters:

Administrative Orders:

  • Administrative Orders are issued by the Bureau of Insurance for certain rate and form filings. Administrative orders document the approval of rates and forms for specific types of coverage.

Insurance and Related Laws:

  • Virginia insurance laws are enacted by the General Assembly. Most Virginia insurance laws are found in Title 38.2 of the Code of Virginia.External Link logo
  • Related Laws - A list of other frequently referenced statutes are noted on our related laws page.
    You may place an order for Insurance and Related Laws of Virginia from the Lexis online store.External Link logo

Insurance Regulations:

  • Regulations are administrative laws. In Virginia, insurance regulations are promulgated by the State Corporation Commission. Virginia insurance regulations are found in Title 14 of the Virginia Administrative Code.External Link logo (The VAC site may not be updated to include the latest regulations. To view proposed or final regulations that have not been posted to the VAC website, please review the appropriate Commission order.)

Administrative Actions:

Use the Commission's Docket Search feature to search documents regarding administrative actions for agents, agencies and companies.

Select the option "Search Cases" at the top of the page. Search options are available by Case Number or Case Name. Enter the appropriate case number or agent/agency/company name and click "Search." After selecting the appropriate case number from the list, a summary screen will appear. Select the "Documents" field to download/print the selected PDF file.
NOTE: Documents filed prior to April 2002 will not be displayed. If you need certified documents or documents filed prior to 2002, please contact the Document Control Center of the Offic of the Clerk of the Commission at (804) 371-9838.