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Teenage Drivers' Self-Guided Presentation

This self-running presentation is available for download by selecting the links below. Due to the size of the file (11 MB), it may not be feasible for dial-up internet users to download it. Please request a CD using the contact information below if you experience difficulty with the download.

Minimum System Requirements for running the application:

  • Platform: MS Windows 95 or later
  • Browser: IE 4.0 or later; Netscape Navigator 4 or later, AOL 7 or later

Once you've downloaded both files, click on the scc.exe file to run the program. The gear shift starts the actual presentation. The buttons on the bottom right of the screen move you from slide to slide, forward and backward. Use the escape (Esc) button to exit the presentation.

Teenage Drivers' Self-Guided Presentation (scc.exe)

Teenage Drivers' Self-Guided Presentation graphic file (dice.swf)
To download this graphic file, "right click" and "Save Target As" in the same directory where the scc.exe file is stored.

To request a CD containing this presentation, call the Bureau at 1-800-552-7945 (Virginia only) or send your request to Attn: Bureau of Insurance: Consumer Services, P.O. Box 1157, Richmond, Virginia 23218. A CD can also be obtained by visiting in person at the Tyler Building, 5th floor, 1300 E. Main St., Richmond, Virginia.