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Market Conduct Examinations

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Section 38.2-200 of the Code of Virginia charges the Commission with the execution of all laws relating to insurance and insurers. All companies, domestic, foreign, and alien, transacting or licensed to transact the business of insurance in this Commonwealth are subject to inspection, supervision and regulation by the Commission.

Section 38.2-1317 of the Code of Virginia authorizes the Commission to examine and investigate any insurance institution engaged or alleged to be engaged in the business of insurance in this Commonwealth to determine whether such institution has been or is engaged in any conduct in violation of Title 38.2.

The Market Conduct staff performs field and desk examinations on Property and Casualty (P&C) and Life and Health (L&H) insurers. The scope and conduct of the examinations, to the extent practicable, are in accordance with the guidelines and procedures set forth in the Market Regulation Handbook and such other guidelines and procedures as the Commission deems appropriate. The examination report becomes a public document ten days after a certified copy of the report has been served upon the company by certified mail.

Examination Reports
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Market Conduct Examination Reports (Finalized after 01/01/2011)
Company Name NAIC Code Type Order Date
Group Hospitalization and Medical Services, Inc. 53007 L&H 02/22/2012
Horace Mann Insurance Company 22578 P&C 04/13/2011
Horace Mann Property & Casualty Insurance Company 22756 P&C 04/13/2011
Teachers Insurance 22683 P&C 04/13/2011
Empire Fire & Marine Insurance Company 21326 P&C 05/19/2011
Property & Casualty Insurance Company of Hartford 34690 P&C 06/10/2011
Trumbull Insurance Company 27120 P&C 06/10/2011
Electric Insurance Company 21261 P&C 06/13/2011
Delta Dental of Virginia 55611 L&H 08/09/2011
Bristol West Casualty Insurance Company 11034 P&C 11/19/2011
Bristol West Insurance Company 19658 P&C 11/19/2011
Conseco Senior Health Insurance Company 76325 L&H 10/31/2011
Optima Health Plan 95281 L&H 12/09/2011
Alpha P&C Insurance Company 38156 P&C 02/17/2012
Granite State Insurance Company 23809 P&C 01/24/2012
Unitrin Direct Property and Casualty Company 10915 P&C 11/08/2011
Unitrin Auto and Home Insurance Company 16063 P&C 03/12/2012
Farmers Insurance Exchange 21652 P&C 03/20/2012
Mid-Century Insurance Company 21687 P&C 03/20/2012
Permanent General Assurance Corporation 34647 P&C 03/20/2012
Permanent General Assurance Corporation of Ohio 22906 P&C 03/20/2012
Commerce and Industry Insurance Company 19410 P&C 07/12/2012
Anthem Health Plans of Virginia, Inc. 71835 L&H 08/22/2012
HealthKeepers, Inc. 95169 L&H 08/22/2012
Peninsula Health Care, Inc. 95167 L&H 08/22/2012
Priority Health Care, Inc. 96512 L&H 08/22/2012
Lititz Insurance Company 14400 P&C 05/29/2012
Response Insurance Company 43044 P&C 07/12/2012
Response Worldwide Direct Auto Insurance Company 20133 P&C 07/12/2012
Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company 65927 L&H 09/28/2012
Elephant Insurance Company 13688 P&C 09/18/2012
Kaiser Permanente Insurance Company 60053 L&H 12/14/2012
AIU Insurance Company 19399 P&C 12/19/2012
Mendota Insurance Company 33650 P&C 09/05/2012
California Casualty Indemnity Exchange 20117 P&C 11/13/2012
Bankers Life and Casualty Insurance Company 61263 L&H 03/12/2013
Commonwealth Dealers Life Insurance Company 88374 L&H 03/21/2013
Armed Forces Insurance Exchange 41459 P&C 04/02/2013
Household Life Insurance Company 93777 L&H 05/22/2013
American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus 60380 L&H 06/27/2013
Monumental Life Insurance Company 66281 L&H 12/11/2013
Direct General Insurance Company 42781 P&C 08/26/2013
Haulers Insurance Company, Inc. 31550 P&C 08/26/2013
Consumers Insurance USA, Inc. 10204 P&C 09/16/2013
Genworth Life and Annuity Insurance Company 65536 L&H 01/15/2014
Alfa Vision Insurance Corporation 12188 P&C 03/25/2014
Alfa Specialty Insurance Corporation 11004 P&C 03/25/2014
Alfa Alliance Insurance Corporation 18791 P&C 01/21/2014
Primerica Life Insurance Company 65919 L&H 06/18/2014
CMFG Life Insurance Company 62626 L&H 09/26/2014
AssuranceAmerica Insurance Company 11558 P&C 05/19/2014
Victoria Fire and Casualty 42889 P&C 04/09/2014
Financial American Life Insurance Company 71455 L&H 12/08/2014
Time Insurance Company 69477 L&H 12/08/2014
Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company 23779 P&C 09/25/2014
Nationwide Property and Casualty Insurance Company 37877 P&C 09/25/2014
Omni Indemnity Company 34940 P&C 12/15/2014
Allstate Insurance Company 19232 P&C 06/15/2015
Allstate Indemnity Company 19240 P&C 06/15/2015
Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Company 17230 P&C 06/15/2015
Bankers Independent Insurance Company 13455 P&C 06/26/2015
Lancer Insurance Company 26077 P&C 01/05/2015
Aetna Life Insurance Company 60054 L&H 09/02/2015
Federal Insurance Company 20281 P&C 09/16/2015
Great Northern Insurance Company 20303 P&C 09/16/2015
Pacific Indemnity Company 20346 P&C 09/16/2015
Vigilant Insurance Company 20397 P&C 09/16/2015
Esurance Insurance Company 25712 P&C 06/22/2015
Esurance Property and Casualty Insurance Company 30210 P&C 06/22/2015
Auto-Owners Insurance Company 18988 P&C 07/02/2015
Owners Insurance Company 32700 P&C 07/02/2015
Stillwater Insurance Company 25180 P&C 06/12/2015
Jefferson Insurance Company 11630 P&C 02/22/2016


If you wish to request a hard copy of these documents, call the Bureau at 1-800-552-7945 (Virginia only) or write your request to the attention of the Life and Health (L&H) or Property and Casualty (P&C) Market Conduct Section, as appropriate, to the below address:

Bureau of Insurance
P.O. Box 1157
Richmond, Virginia 23218

These documents can also be obtained by visiting in person at the Tyler Building, 5th floor, 1300 E. Main St., Richmond, Virginia.

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