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Bureau of Insurance

2007 Administrative Orders

AO 11761 Order exempting Surety Insurance from rule, rate, and loss costs filing requirements
AO 11768 AIPSO Filing No. VA 06-05 - This Order approves the deletion of Rule 11 “Auto, Visual and Data Electronic Equipment Coverage”, a revision to Rule 26 “Extended Non-Owned Auto Coverage” and a revision of Rule 33 “Named Non-Owner Coverage” of the Virginia Automobile Insurance Plan manual
AO 11770 Virginia Property Insurance Association. 8.6% rate level decrease, introduction of “Named Storm windstorm” deductibles and endorsement, revision of mandatory, statewide “All Perils” deductibles.
AO 11773 Order exempts Municipal Bonds when written as credit insurance for the filing of rates and supplementary rating information
AO 11775 AIPSO Filing For a Specific Rate. This Order approves a specific rate for a 1992 International bus short-term leased to others under the provisions of Section 47.A.4 of the Virginia Automobile Insurance Plan Manual
AO 11776 AIPSO Filing For a Specific Rate. This Order approves a specific rate for a 1985 Chevrolet bus used by the insured for the gymnastic instruction of children under the provisions of Section 47.A.4 of the Virginia Automobile Insurance Plan Manual
AO 11777 Virginia Property Insurance Association. Revision of Rule 5.2: Addition of Coverage A&C Other Perils Deductible Factors. Revised Named Storm Windstorm Deductible Factors
AO 11778 Virginia Property Insurance Association Amendment to Manual of Operations: Section II “Qualified Property” amended to clarify the eligibility guidelines for the FP2 Broad Form and Section VI “Applications” amended to show the change of address for the Association
AO 11785 Approves amendments to the Commercial Automobile Standard Forms that address mobile equipment subject to compulsory, financial responsibility or other motor vehicle insurance laws. Form CA 00 51 is newly added and forms CA 01 54 and CA 20 43 are revised.
AO 11786 NCCI Item Filing 01-VA-2007 - This Order approves the Virginia Edition of the SCOPES of Basic Manual Classifications for use with new and renewal policies effective on and after April 1, 2007
AO 11791 AIPSO File No. VA 07-05 - This Order approves the amendment of Section 40 “Determination and Fulfillment of Quotas” by clarifying which vehicles and operators are eligible for credit to ensure consistent determination of the credit by companies.
AO 11792 AIPSO Filing VA 07-02 - This Order approves new rule 61 addressing audio, visual and data electronic equipment coverage
AO 11793AIPSO Filing For a Specific Rate - This Order approves a specific rate for a 2004 Bentley, 2004 Lamborghini and a 2001 Ferrari under the provisions of Section 47.A.4 of the Virginia Automobile Insurance Plan Manual
AO 11794 This Order approves NCCI Item Filing B 1404 Basic Manual Revision to Appendix E – Table of Classifications by Hazard Group for policies effective on and after January 1, 2008.
AO 11795 AIPSO Filing VA 07-01. This Order approves amendments to Rule 58. Uninsured Motorists Insurance and Rule 122. Drive Other Car Coverage. It also introduces Rule 123. Individual as the Named Insured.
AO 11796 AIPSO File Number VA 07-03 Introduction of Rule 31 Joint Ownership Coverage Rule coincides with standard form PP 13 53 01 05, which provides a “buy back” coverage for the nonowned auto liability exposure.
AO 11798 AIPSO Filing No. VA 07-04. This Order approves an overall liability and physical damage combined rate level decrease of 13.2% applicable to commercial auto written through the Virginia Automobile Insurance Plan.
AO 11800 Virginia Property Insurance Association – This Order approves (i) a rate reduction for theft coverage, (ii) the introduction of ordinance or law coverage and its corresponding rule and premium consideration, (iii) extension of the seasonal dwelling surcharge to secondary dwellings in the rating plan for substandard risks, (iv) amendments to the FP-1 and FP-2 forms, (v) elimination of the requirement to maintain coverage at 100% of replacement cost, and (vi) amendments to eligibility requirements to enable all primary dwellings (including mobile homes) and condominium unit-owners risks to be eligible for FP-2 coverage.
AO 11801 NCCI Item B-1397-VA - Revisions of Basic Manual Classifications and Rules
AO 11802 NCCI Item 02-VA-2007 - Revisions to the Virginia Contracting Classification Premium Adjustment Program and Premium Credit Application.
AO 11805 NCCI Item R-1396 – 2007 Update to Retrospective Rating Plan Parameters
AO 11806 This order approves NCCI Item Filing No. 04-VA-2007 (AMENDED) Revisions to Basic Manual Classifications – Effective April 1, 2008.
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