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2003 Administrative Letters

AL 2003-01 Credit Insurance Experience Exhibits §38.2-3730 of the Code of Virginia
AL 2003-02 14 VAC 5-190-10 et seq.: Rules Governing the Reporting of Cost and Utilization Data Relating to Mandated Benefits and Mandated Providers - 2002 Reporting Period
AL 2003-03 Practices that Constitute Unfair Discrimination by Title Insurance Companies
AL 2003-04 Senate Bill No.878 Privacy Safeguards; Also see Administrative Letter 01-05
AL 2003-05 Legislation Enacted by the 2003 Virginia General Assembly
AL 2003-06 Adverse Underwriting Decision Notices §38.2-610 of the Code of Virginia Withdrawn by Administrative Letter 2015-07
AL 2003-07 Guaranteed Arrest Bond Certificates §38.2-2407 of the Code of Virginia
AL 2003-08 Business Transacted with Producer-Controlled Property and Casualty Insurer Act (§ 38.2-1341 et seq. of the Code of Virginia)
AL 2003-09 Time Requirements of § 38.2-5900 et seq. of the Code of Virginia (14 VAC 5-215-10 et seq.)
AL 2003-10 Credit Life Insurance and Credit Accident and Sickness Insurance Premium Rates Effective January 1, 2004