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Bureau of Insurance

1999 Administrative Letters

AL 1999-1 Mandated Benefits Reporting
AL 1999-2 Year 2000 Obsolete
AL 1999-3 Legislation enacted by the 1999 VA General Assembly
AL 1999-4 Wind and Hurricane Deductibles Withdrawn by Administrative Letter 2015-05
AL 1999-5 Policy Provisions Limiting Liability for Damages
AL 1999-6 Office of the Managed Care Ombudsman
AL 1999-7 Applications - Individual Health Insurance Coverage
AL 1999-8 Actuarial Opinion Submissions in Company Annual Statements
AL 1999-9 Admission to do Business in Virginia Replaced by Administrative Letter 2002-07 (Obsolete and Withdrawn by Administrative Letter 2015-09)
AL 1999-10 Additional Reporting Requirements for Reporting of Cost and Utilization Data Relating to Mandated Benefits and Mandated Providers.
AL 1999-11 Custodians for Insurers' Securities Portfolio
AL 1999-12 NAIC Accounting Practices and Procedures Manual, 2001
AL 1999-13 Sections 38.2-3412.1:01 F (iii) and 38.2-3432.2 A 2 of the Code of Virginia
AL 1999-14 Revised Guidelines for Conducting Title Insurance Company/ Underwriter Analyses of Escrow Accounts Maintained by Title Insurance Settlement Agents
AL 1999-14 Att. (Attachment) Revised Guidelines
AL 1999-15 Post Year 2000 Reporting Requirements and Performing Data Archives Obsolete
AL 1999-15 Att. (Attachment) Year 2000 Century Rollover Survey For the Insurance Industry Obsolete