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Bureau of Insurance

1998 Administrative Letters

AL 1998-1 Guidelines For Conducting Escrow Account Audits
AL 1998-2 Mandated Benefits Reporting
AL 1998-3 Underwriting and Exclusions for Aids
AL 1998-4 Senate Bill 712
AL 1998-5 Legislation Enacted by 1998 VA General Assembly
AL 1998-6 Analysis of Excess Capital and Surplus Investments
AL 1998-7 Holding Company Registration
AL 1998-8 Procedural Changes-Agents Licensing Obsolete
AL 1998-9 Min. Standards for Medicare Supplement Policies
AL 1998-10 Revised Guidelines for Conduction Title Insurance Company/Underwriter Analyses of Escrow Accounts Maintained by Title Insurance Settlement Agents; Replaced by Administrative Letter 1999-14
AL 1998-11 Service Area Concerns and Notices of Material Transactions
AL 1998-12 Binding Arbitration Provisions in Insurance Contracts
AL 1998-13 Procedural Changes-Agents Licensing Obsolete. See Administrative Letter 2004-03
AL 1998-14 Automobile Insurance Premiums Withdrawn by Administrative Letter 2006-15
AL 1998-15 Compliance with HIPAA
AL 1998-16 Medicare HMOs & Medicare Supplement Coverage